Hortus Siccus or Herbarium is the art or a selection of systematically mounted and graded dried plants. Nowadays, dried flowers arrangement can be seen as they're being revived in our homes as we spent much of our time inside. A collection of herbariums reflects the diversity and distribution of the vegetation of the region and its history. Instead of these plants be placed on a paper with labels, they are used to decorate and pleasantly arranged in any way.
About our shop
Our shop offers high quality preserved plants and flowers that last very long. These products can also be used for wedding or parties that will still offer the natural set up of those fresh version. In addition, after it is used on your desired occasion, you can still bring it to your home. It has very low maintenance as this doesn't need to be watered.
What we do
We offer high quality plant preserves that is available for all season. We make sure that these products be delivered in our customers home. We want to be a part of the positivity that our products bring into your home and daily lives.