Naturally Preserved Pretty Fiddlehead Ferns or Arachniodes Leaves

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Do not put mildew in a damp spot, when the air oxidizes and the sun shines, the color becomes lighter.

Notes on Purchase
Each leaf has different sizes, some larger, some smaller, some leaves may be a bit incomplete, leaves will not be perfect with each piece naturally growing, these are inevitable, hope you will understand. We emphasize it again: The pole is soft. The stem of these things is delicate and does not stand

Classification: Dried Flowers
Type: Fiddlehead Ferns
Style: Flower
Occasion: Wedding
Colo: White, cold powder, meat powder, light rose powder, rose red, sweet po
Varieties.: Alpinia Serrulata
Packaging: OPP bag packaging
Is it a gift: Yes, personal gifts
Suitable for gift-giving occasions: Birthday, travel, graduation, housewarming, party
Material: Immoral flowers.
Applicable gift-giving relationship: Couple, husband and wife, colleagues, friends, classmates
For holidays.: Christmas, Spring Festival, teachers' day, new year's day, national da
Process: Handmade
Type.: Bouquet